Protect Your Honda Generator With Genuine Honda Generator Parts

Honda has a well deserved reputation for producing high quality and reliable products. You can be confident that your Honda generator will serve you well for many years. Using genuine Honda generator parts and accessories is a key factor in having the best results.
Good equipment requires careful maintenance and protection. Honda has taken great pains to make sure they have the things you need to keep your generator running. There is a 15 page Honda Generator Parts Catalog that serves as an excellent resource for finding the right part or accessory.
Honda has a carefully chosen set of local Honda dealers who are well-trained and perfectly willing to answer your questions and provide advice. Of course, you can also find Honda parts and accessories online.

Because generators are used for many different purposes, Honda actually classifies their generator offerings four different series of generators. The classifications are: Super Quiet, Deluxe, Industrial and Economy.
The Super Quiet series are designed for portability and very quiet operation. These generators are actually ideal for recreational use as well as for home backup applications. Models produce power from 1,000 to 6,500 watts.
The Deluxe series are better suited for home backup and other general purpose uses. As you'd expect, this series incorporates a wide variety of enhanced functionality. Power output ranges from 4,000 watts to 6,500 watts.
The Industrial series is a favorite for construction and rental applications. Power ranges are 3,000 watts to 6,500 watts.
The Economy series offer a no-frill approach to providing power from 2,500 watts to 6,500 watts and works well for residential and commercial use.
In looking at the power ratings it's important to understand the difference between maximum power rating and "rated power". It is not a good idea to run a generator at its maximum power for a long period because you will shorten the generators life. Honda specifies a rated power specification, usually about 10% to 15% lower than max power, that helps extend the generator's life.
What Honda Generator Parts and Accessories Do You Need?
When you buy your Honda generator you need to look carefully at your intended use to decide what items you should get right away and what other items you will only need later on.
Some items make sense to get right away. For example, you will almost certainly need to buy a Generator Cover that fits your particular unit. You want to protect the generator from bad weather and dirty conditions. Honda has a wide variety of generator covers in heavy-duty material as well as medium weight material suitable for RV use.
Among the most popular and useful categories of accessories are items like 2 or 4 Wheel Kits designed to make it easier to move the generator from place to place. Another useful accessory is a DC Charging Cord for applications where you need DC power.
Some Honda generators can be connected in parallel through the use of Parallel Cables or Parallel Kits. Running the generators in parallel allows you to significantly increase available power.
If you will be connecting your generator to your household electrical system you will need to get the appropriate Transfer Switch which allows for safe connection between the generator and the house.
Again, your local Honda dealer is the best source of information for configuring your generator properly. The Honda Generator Parts Catalog lists all the available items, but it doesn't actually show process. You'll have to get the prices from the dealer.
Should You Buy Online or From Your Local Dealer?
Frankly, the answer to this question will depend in good part on what you are buying. Some of these items are pretty heavy and you may not want to bear the cost of shipping and handling. For lighter items you may find better pricing online.
The choices you make now can have a significant impact on getting the most benefit from your new generator. Making the right choices now and in the future will allow you to have the benefit of a highly reliable and satisfactory power generation experience for many years and possibly decades.


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