Japanese Monkey Bike Parts

Hi Everyone, lets look at some Japanese monkey bike parts manufacturers.
Japan is the home of the monkey bike, and is the biggest market for custom monkey bike parts. There are several magazines devoted to monkey bikes, monkey bikes parts and anything related to monkey bikes. There are many Japanese manufacturers that produce very high quality monkey bike parts. In this article we will take a look at some of them.
Takegawa: Takegawa is one of the most well known monkey bike parts manufacturers. They produce a lot of high quality bore up/engine kits, 88cc/124cc bore up kits, transmission kits, clutch kits and many other monkey bike engine parts. They are excellent quality.
Kitaco: Kitaco are also well known outside japan, they also make a lot of the bore up engine kits for HONDA monkey.

Gcraft: Gcraft are very popular and they make some excellent parts like aluminium swingarms for the monkey and dax, in fact they make a lot of swingarms,and tank,seats,body parts for the HONDA monkey and HONDA dax. Excellent quality and very popular.
OVER: Over racing mainly make mufflers, they make some excellent stainless steal and titanium mufflers for the HONDA monkey and dax. Hand made these mufflers are pricey however they are some of the best mufflers money can buy.
OHNISHI HEAT magic: A bit similar to OVER, the make excellent hand made titanium mufflers for the honda monkey and dax.
ZERO racing: Zero make good quality affordable mufflers and exhausts for the dax and monkey. You can choose from about seven different types of silencer to go with your exhaust. The silencers are round, pointy, with a lip, blue color etc.
Yoshimura: Yoshimura make exhausts for big motorbikes as well as monkey bikes. They are very good quality. They have type 1-7 exhausts for the honda monkey. The exhausts come with carbon or titanium silencers.
Falcon: Falcon are a small company that make really nice 12" polished aluminium wheels for the monkey or dax. The 12" wheels come in 3, or 3.5 width. They also make monkey bike mufflers, dax mufflers, dax bracket, and tires for the 12" wheels.


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