Perry Belcher and Mike Dillard Review of Video Two For Social Media Training

 Well I promised to continue to review the trainings as I go, and to share with you my dear Blog readers what I am learning as I go along, and how useful I think the training is. The subject for this video was 'Winning At Twitter.'

I settled down happily with my cup of tea (I am British after all!) and prepared to be wowed once more. The 2nd video was just short of 2 hours and I took 9 pages of notes so it's fair to say there was some great content and I was inspired by the Social Media training.

This time Perry Belcher was doing a solo act, and considering it was such a long video he kept it light and entertaining for the most part. There were a couple of sections where I thought it was a little heavy going as Perry gives so many valuable resources to use with Twitter that it can get a bit overwhelming. Sometimes I wish I could just know it NOW, don't you? I am of course working on developing more patience!
Twitter is a giant playing field so as with many things it's a case of picking and choosing what is useful to you, and what will make your life easier and your posting more effective.

The good news for newbies is that the videos take you right through from A-Z. They show you exactly how to set up your twitter account and how to make it look attractive and what details to include. Also of course once you invest the time to learn valuable skills they are yours to keep forever, and are so transferable for any industry.
Top Tip 1:
Use your blog as your website link. That is the equivalent of inviting your friends to your house for the after party! If you don't know what I mean then review my previous post this month about the overall concept. You can also watch the short intro video there to get the idea. If you don't yet have a blog then use your Facebook profile or something more personal than a basic business website. This is all about Personality marketing and that just doesn't come through with a replicated company website.

There were so many useful resources that I haven't got to grips with checking them all out yet but I certainly will apply the best ones that are useful for Network Marketers so make sure to keep an eye on this blog. You can subscribe at the top right hand side of my blog to receive notification of my updates so you don't miss out.
Top Tip 2:
Don't be tempted to just build a huge following of just anyone! Be smart with this; ie if you are in Network Marketing you will want to connect with like minded people. Sure you can connect with people outside of the industry but make sure there is a synergy. Ultimately you want to be providing good value to your followers so you can re-tweet quality content from other professionals. Connect with people who know more than you about the niche you want to become more proficient in.

This is the age of information so you need lots of good and entertaining stuff to keep your blogs and tweets interesting. Perry mentioned several sites such as and where you can find funny stuff. (I tend to be a bit serious so will probably need to plug into some of that!!).


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